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Dermatology Services in Metairie

Academic Dermatology Associates

Family Dermatology Specialists, LLC provides medical, surgery, MOHS, and cosmetic dermatology treatments.


Our dermatologists treat a wide range of medical conditions and are trained to diagnose many conditions that present similar symptoms and appearances. While many skin conditions have similarities, each of them require specific variations of treatment and we have the knowledge to know the difference. These conditions include, but are not limited to rashes, scarring, and acne treatments. Rashes can be caused by external irritants in the air, contact allergies, or allergies to medications or food. We will adjust the treatment to fit the cause of the rash and clear up your skin. Acne treatments vary depending on each patient’s skin type, sensitivities, and severity of the acne. We also lessen the appearance of scars faster with topical and laser treatment.


Most of the surgical procedures we perform are done through laser surgery. This includes wart freezing and removal, laser treatments for skin discoloration, and the removal of skin growth, such as moles, pre-cancerous growths, and cysts.


MOHS micrographic surgery is a type of cancer surgery that effectively removals basal cell carcinoma, and melanoma. This surgery is a tissue sparing procedure that offers high cure rates for skin cancer, superior to other options. It removes cancerous tissue without removing healthy tissue around it. The tissue to be removed is frozen and sectioned horizontally. This treatment is customized according to each patient’s specific needs and the patient’s skin is examined and tested after the surgery is performed to determine if additional treatments or medication is needed.


There are several cosmetic treatments offered at Family Dermatology Specialists, LLC, which include but are not limited to wrinkles, tattoo removal, chemical peels, and hair removal. Wrinkles are often smoothed out with collagen or other types of injections, along with topical treatments. Tattoo removal has advanced in recent years and is done with lasers, often in one or a few treatments depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo. We can also provide chemical peels, which remove the top layer of skin to reveal new skin underneath. Once you recover from the first day or so, you skin will be glowing and healthy. If you have unwanted hair on your lip, chin, arms, under arms, legs, or bikini area, we provide laser hair removal to keep your skin soft and smooth for up to a year, with minimal maintenance required after the initial treatments.